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Staying Connected

ASU Online students have the opportunity to participate in a unique and diverse community. This section will highlight tools and resources both inside the classroom and out, to help you stay connected to fellow students and faculty. In addition, learn more about the tools and best practices ASU Online has developed for you to assist you on your journey through graduation.

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Be a part of ASU Online on Twitter.

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ASU Online has a vibrant community on Facebook. Learn how to get involved.

Staying Connected

Hear how Kristen, a current ASU student studying online, is staying connected to her fellow classmates and professors.

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Get tips and tricks from students and faculty on succeeding in your online courses.

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Facebook is a great resource for staying up to date on University events, finding interesting articles, asking or answering questions and chatting with fellow Sun Devils. Check out ASU Online on the Facebook fan page and the app.

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